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The Best Lighting Solutions in Egypt since 2008

EgyLight was established and started its business in the past years by assembling the Skills and succeeded over the past years in becoming one of the leading companies in the energy sector in the Egyptian market and covering its operations in many Arab and international markets.
EgyLight is among the leading manufacturers of lighting in Egypt and the Middle East. With its unique Die cast abilities and high quality Components that offer our partners and clients more than just a lighting fixture. we offer you a design tool (LUX Study), Technical and Financial offers, to achieve best & affordable solutions for your project with professional & comfortable lighting scenes that include indoor and outdoor fixtures: panel lights, spot lights, down lights and more.
EgyLight is the owner of the brand EVEO Led.

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Test Certificate

High Quality Products

5 Years Warranty


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Bulkhead Light

Decoration Poles

Down Lights

Flood Lights

Led Strips

Step Lights

Street Lights

Up & Down Lights

Up Lights

Wall Washers

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How To Choose The Right LED Light For Your Needs?


Different LED lights are designed for different applications. To choose the right one, you’ll need to consider factors such as brightness, color temperature and beam angle. Here’re some tips to help you make the right decision:

Step 1: Brightness

The brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens. Generally, the higher the lumen count, the brighter the light will be. You should choose a brightness level that is appropriate for your needs.

Step 2: Color Temperature

Choosing the perfect color temperature for your LED lights is a simple process when you know what area they will be used in. For example, if you’re using LED lights in a bedroom, you may want to use a softer color temperature of around 3,000K.

Step 3: Beam Angle

Most essential when selecting LED lighting for accent or directional applications. The beam angle is measured in degrees and determines how much light is spread out over an area. A higher beam angle means that more light is spread further and more comprehensively.

Step 4: Durability

LED lighting is known for its long life span, but you should still look for lights with a good warranty. It gives you peace of mind that your lights will continue to work for a long time. So, whenever possible, go for LED lights that have a good warranty.

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